What Gambling Roulette Tattoo Means
What Gambling Roulette Tattoo Means

Every tattoo means something. Roulette, which is often depicted alongside playing cards and other casino paraphernalia, is no exception. Before you put a tattoo like this on your skin, be sure to find out what the message is. It may be that this particular variant means something negative or is perceived negatively in some social circles. On the other hand, such a tattoo can add to your luck and you will be considered lucky.

One of the most popular beliefs is that roulette was invented by Dominican monks. The idea was to play roulette in the monasteries in order to pass the boring evenings. Today, tattoos featuring gambling attributes most often signify a passion for these same games, a desire to take risks and seek adventure.

Meanings of tattoos for the beautiful half of humanity

Women do not often impose themselves such images. But there are exceptions. They strive to assert their individuality and desire to stand out from the gray masses.

So, tattoo with a roulette in a woman can indicate the following:

  • She loves gambling. Such a tattoo can usually be seen on a lady who is a regular at gambling establishments. With such a picture, she wants fortune to be on her side.
  • She wants to become a luckier person. Gambling enthusiasts know that you can’t win big at a casino without luck. However, such a tattoo is chosen by ladies, hoping that fortune will help them not only at the gaming tables, but also in other areas of life.

It also refers to a man who likes adventure. Girls who get it hinted that they do not mind taking chances.

Often, women get such tattoos because they think they are beautiful. In this situation, there is no deeper meaning to the image. Such images look beautiful on any part of the skin.

There is another implication of such an image on a girl’s body – atheism. It is no secret that all religions condemn and condemn gambling. Therefore, by such a tattoo, a man declares that he does not believe in God and has a negative attitude towards faith.

Tattoo meanings for men

Tattoo meanings for men

Tattoo with a casino roulette prefer to do just men. In most cases, this pattern appears on their arm or shoulder.
So, for guys, a casino wheel could mean the following things:

  • He’s a fan of gambling. A man who gets a tattoo of this kind is usually an avid gambler and a regular attendee at gambling houses. This is a characteristic he describes with the “devil’s wheel” design.
  • He is in need of luck. In this situation, too, tattoos are often made by gamblers. They wait for their luck just in the hope to snatch the jackpot in a gambling establishment. But the image is often tattooed by individuals who are not at all fond of cards and roulette, and hoping to become more fortunate in their work, relationships and so on.
  • It shows their rebellious tendencies. Here such a drawing indicates that the man is opposed to the rules and norms accepted in society. He has his own beliefs and is trying to defend them.
    Just like girls, guys often don’t put any meaning into such tattoos either. A man just happens to be attracted to a beautiful image in a tattoo parlor – so he orders it.

So, we see that for both men and women, the roulette tattoo means pretty much the same thing. To look for any deep meaning in such a tattoo, it is necessary to analyze each particular drawing, as there are a huge number of variants. In the simplest case, roulette indicates that its bearer is a fan of cards and other gambling games. This should be kept in mind if you decide to put this pattern on your body. This is how you will be perceived by most of those around you – as a gambler.