Events in sport that have gone down in history

  • Guinness Book gambling

    Today, many people are fond of gambling, and for a certain proportion of people, they have become an integral part of their existence. There are various entertaining facts that ended up in the famous “Guinness Book of Records”. And it’s not just about the biggest cash winnings.

    Days on end at the poker table

    Let’s start with poker player Phil Laak. He didn’t leave the table for four whole days and nineteen hours and was even in the black. However, for such a famous poker pro as Laak, the amount of surplus was quite small – $6766. The entire winnings, as it often happens in such events, was given by the poker player to charity. Incidentally, the previous record holder was Paul Zimbler, who played for three days and eight hours in a row.

    From one casino to another

    How many casinos do you think you can play at in a 24-hour period? And we’re not talking about online casinos, we’re talking about real casinos. The Frofen family managed to hit 69 casinos in nineteen hours in Las Vegas, where they sat down at blackjack tables and played.
    Of course, with very limited time, there’s not much you can do, so there was only one five-dollar bet per casino. Many will find this achievement bizarre, but no one has yet surpassed it. That’s why even today it remains firmly in the Guinness. World Records”.

    A very old dealer

    Дилерами в казино работает не только одна молодежь, как думают многие. К примеру, в лас-вегасском Dealers in casinos aren’t just youngsters alone, as many people think. For instance, at the Flamingo in Las Vegas, Joanna Dodd, a female bigwig, has managed to keep her job until she is 79.

    Guinness Book gambling records

    Here are more interesting records from the book:

    • The biggest lottery win was $390 million. However, two people hit the jackpot at once. The record has been held since 2007.
    • A British horse racing enthusiast once placed a £30,000,000 bet. Her favourite horse brought her the winnings of 153 million.
    • In 2007, the record was set, not by a man, but by the poker site PokerStars. It held a tournament in which as many as 151508 online poker players registered and played.
    • Poker player Bertrand was able to play at sixty tables at once. The record had to hold out for at least an hour and stay in the black for it to count.
  • Legendary card game losses

    Thanks to gambling, the powerful get rich, millionaires and writers become insane and the desperate poor get one last chance to get rich.

    The old man and the cards

    In the spring of 1995, an unkempt-looking old man – not even wearing shoes – showed up at the door of Treasure Island Casino in Las Vegas. Rumor had it that his old lady had kicked him out, not giving him time to put on his shoes. For this he was nicknamed Barefoot Joe.

    The old man had with him a small sum of money issued by the social security fund. The security guards at the gambling house, after looking at such an un-presentable visitor, still allowed him in. Money doesn’t smell, and this guest was clearly not going to get anything.

    The old man sat down at a blackjack table. And many were surprised when Barefoot Joe started to get unbelievably lucky, even though he wasn’t using any of the known card strategies. Within days, the old man had lightened the pockets of the Treasure Island owners by about a million quid!

    The lucky guy was checked by the establishment’s security, but nothing criminal was found behind him. So they decided to dress the old man up, gave him guards, put him in a hotel at the casino, provided him with a limousine, and did everything possible to prevent him from leaving to play in another gambling establishment.

    All the money won must eventually be returned to the gamblers! That is the rule. The plan succeeded, and when fortune turned away from the gambling old man, he began to lose constantly and was left without his million dollars.
    But before becoming a penniless philistine again, Barefoot Joe lived like a king and a dabbler of fortune for a whole week. Incidentally, one of the film companies decided to adapt the story and bought the right from the old man for $10000. When the contract was signed, Joe met Hollywood star Kevin Costner, who represented the buyer’s side.

    Eugene Onegin as a betting card

    “Eugene Onegin” as a betting card

    Alexander Pushkin was not a great poet to Moscow police officers of the time, but only an inveterate card player. The law-enforcement bodies kept such people on a pencil and could expel them from the capital by a court decision, as gambling is recognized as illegal. And Alexander Sergeyevich had a lot of gambling, but he played poorly and was much more often a loser than a winner. And if he was left without money, he would start gambling, just imagine, his unpublished works.

    In 1826, fate took Pushkin to Pskov. In the city he decided to write the seventh chapter of “Eugene Onegin”, but instead he spent days at the brothel, stayed without money, staked the manuscript of the fourth chapter and lost it.

    The fifth chapter of the future great poem became a bet already in Moscow. Pushkin’s opponent was his distant relative Alexander Zagryazhsky. He knew that publishers willingly pay a lot for the poet’s works, so his bet was accepted. As a result, Zagryazhsky became the new owner of the fifth chapter. And then Pushkin took out his dueling pistols. No, he was not going to shoot with a lucky relative. They too became a wager, and this time Alexander Sergeyevich was lucky – he won back everything, including the money.

    A gambling composer

    Pianist and composer Dmitri Shostakovich once bet on his favourite redwood grand piano. The venue was the Leningrad Music Hall. Parties of preference followed one after the other, and it was getting late in the morning. Shostakovich had bad luck that night against his regular rivals at cards: theatre director Mikhail Padvo and conductor Isaak Dunayevsky. Not only was he left without all his cash, but he also had to play 40 concert numbers for free.

    In the heat of excitement, Shostakovich shouted: “I’ll play my piano!” Alas, his luck again ran out – the valuable property ended up in Dunayevsky’s hands. In addition, Isaak Osipovich became the owner of Shostakovich’s only jacket at the time. And the musical instrument was soon bought back by the singer Klavdia Shulzhenko.

  • The most shameful and inadequate things to do in sport

    Tunisian clowns

    The Olympic Games have a long history, and there have been many occasions when individual athletes behaved so inadequately, so disgracefully, that some fans have even come to view them as the real heroes of the competition. The case of the Tunisian pentathletes at the Rome ’60 Olympics came as a shock to even the most experienced sports fan.

    It all started when one of the Tunisian athletes almost drowned in the swimming event. He drowned at the very start and then began to struggle feverishly and call for help. In the shooting events the boys were disqualified, as the judges suspected that they were not shooting at targets, but at themselves.

    Equestrian sport did not prove to be a hobbyhorse for the Tunisians either, despite the fact that it could not have been worse. The history of Olympic competition had never known such a thing: not a single athlete of the national team was able to stay on his horse. Usually in this sport it is required to complete fifteen jumps, but our heroes did not even reach the very first hurdle.

    When the fencing contest came, the Tunisians were remarkable as well: the same fencer, as all the other teammates had never fenced in their life. The plan was a failure, as the rivals suspected cheating and pulled off the African’s mask. An epic fiasco!

    Waiting for the apocalypse

    Argentine goalkeeper Carlos Roa has every chance of winning the top spot in the anti-rating of absurdity. He distinguished himself in a memorable play-off game in the ’98 World Cup, when his national team played England. Carlos managed a penalty shoot-out on the stroke of half-time which turned the goalkeeper into a national hero.

    It was widely expected that he would have a great career, with Chelsea and Man Utd attracting a number of scouts. However, all spoiled by Carlos Roa himself, a little too much with his religious aspirations.

    The fact that he was a follower of the Church of Adventist Christians, who believe in a very near-end of the world. The end result was that Argentina’s top goalkeeper gave up football, because the apocalypse was imminent. Together with his family he settled in a quiet area where he was going to save himself and his family.

    He was searched for several years without success and once found he was persuaded to return to the worldly life and football. As a result, Carlos has played several years in the Spanish league, refusing, however, to go out on Saturday matches. And at the same time he was cured of testicular cancer. A real miracle, indeed!

    Waiting for the apocalypse, Carlos Roa

    They traded the Olympics for an erotic photo shoot.

    Two Polish short-track speed skaters, Aida Bella and Marta Wojcik, did not have enough money for a proper preparation for the Sochi Olympics. But how could the pretty girls make a fast buck? Certainly, to take a picture in one of the erotic magazines. Without long deliberation the girls went straight to the most famous of them, “Playboy”. At the photo shoot, they showed off all their sexiest body parts for a fee of around $25,000.

    Not a lot of money, but it seemed to be enough for an outfit. However, it was all for nothing. Aida and Marta simply failed to qualify for the Sochi Olympics. On the other hand, they now have an alternative career direction. And they already have invaluable experience in that direction.

    Inappropriate patriotism

    German Panov, who holds a high position in the International Skating Union, has a reputation as a true patriot of Russia and a man who is very respectful of the president.

    In 2015, Chelyabinsk hosted big competitions in speed skating disciplines. At one of the awards, our hero came out wearing a T-shirt with a picture of Vladimir Putin on it. To all appearances, Mr Panov has completely forgotten that sport and politics are incompatible. But Jan Deukema, the union’s vice-president, was aware of this, and so he immediately insisted that the Russian functionary change his shirt.

    The media quotes Dutchman Paul Saunders, who heads the Union: “It is clear that Mr. Panov is a supporter of his president. It was his personal position, but politics and sport must be separated. We are gathered here solely for the sake of sport”.

  • The most amazing bets in the world

    You can’t imagine what bettors can do in the heat of passion!

    A gulp for a million

    This bet has gone down in history as one of the oldest. The Egyptian queen Cleopatra and her Roman lover Mark Antony argued. The famous beauty offered a wager that during one feast she would drink a sum of wine greater than what Antony had spent on a recent sumptuous feast. Since millions of sesterces were involved, he did not believe this was possible and agreed.
    Clearly Cleopatra couldn’t help but cheat. At the feast she dissolved a large black pearl in wine vinegar and drank it. This decoration cost fabulous money, so that formally the rules were observed, and the famous general admitted defeat.

    By the way, modern scientists have managed to prove that such a chemical experience is quite possible. It is true that the process of dissolving takes one day, but the Egyptian woman could soak her pearl and come to the feast with the softened gem. Or the feast lasted so long that there was enough time.

    Fashionable dispute

    The British aristocrat Lord Spencer, who lived two hundred years ago, had a reputation in London circles as the undisputed trendsetter. His self-confidence in the matter was so great that he once even bet that he would somehow ruin his tails, let’s say by trimming the fringes, and wearing it to a ball. In doing so, the attendees would think it was quite decent attire.
    It should be noted that the lord not only managed to emerge victorious from the dispute, but also managed to revolutionise fashion. Shortened jackets were used by both males and females. This version of the jacket is still called “spencer” today. They are an alternative to dinner jackets.

    A ten-second film

    The famous Italian screenwriter Tonino Guerra, who collaborated with Fellini and Tarkovsky, once made a bet that he could write a script for a full film which would run for no longer than ten seconds.

    One day was enough to win the bet. The script was, “A certain lady sits in front of a television set that shows a rocket getting ready to launch. The countdown time is running out: 4… 3… 2… At this time, the woman’s face displays a whole gamut of emotions. At the last second she grabs the phone receiver, spins the dial and, along with the ship taking off, utters: “That’s it, he’s gone.”

    A ten-second film

    Some more amazing bets

    • Renowned physicist Stephen Hawking has always been interested in black holes. And he argued it is about them, for example, whether or not there is a black hole in a particular place in space, whether it is able to absorb information without trace and so on. What is surprising is that Hawking has consistently lost such debates.
    • One day, the star of world basketball Shaquille O’Neal made a bet that without any training and connections will get into the White House for an audience with Barack Obama. The American president’s bodyguards were delighted with his star visitor, but refused to let him in.
    • It was in 1960. A certain David Threlfall from Great Britain once decided to place a bet in a bookmaker’s office. He was attracted by an event with odds of 1000 (!) that at least one man will fly to the Moon in the next decade. He placed a big bet and the next nine years passed in agonizing suspense. And hardly anyone was more excited than Trelfolk when the astronauts led by Neil Armstrong made their famous flight in Apollo 11.
  • The luckiest people in the world

    You can never be lucky all the time, but as you can see, some people seem to be led by a lucky star. Luckiest People in the World doesn’t last forever, but as you can see, some people seem to be led by a lucky star.

    Orlando Bloom’s story

    Bloom is not only a successful Hollywood actor, but he also manages to get away with it after severe injuries. He has fractured both legs, left arm, right wrist, and how many times the actor broke his ribs, he does not remember. Three times Orlando fixed a crack in the skull, once during a rugby match he broke his nose.

    But that was nothing new. Once there was a fall from the roof, which ended with a broken back. You may ask: where’s the luck in that? The fact that today Bloom is healthy, appears in films and lives a full life, and in fact, could have long been confined to a wheelchair, or worse!

    Roy Sullivan’s story

    People are seldom struck by lightning, and to survive after such an accident, you have to be very lucky. Sullivan experienced the “wrath of the thunder god” as many as seven times in 35 years, but it didn’t kill him.

    After each incident, Roy ended up in the hospital, slightly or seriously injured, but he continued to work as a forester in an American park, which was famous for just how many terrible thunderstorms. Lightning never killed the man, but unhappy love did – he committed suicide.

    Rare baseball card story

    The name of the family who discovered seven legendary Ty Cobb collector’s cards in their attic has remained unknown. No wonder these people chose to remain anonymous, as the sale of this find brought them just under a million quid.

    One such relic from a century ago makes a man rich, and that’s seven of them, all perfectly preserved! Dig around in your attic (if you have one) and you might find something rare and incredibly valuable.

    Rare baseball card story

    Robert Hamilton’s Story

    If someone has already won $1000000 in the lottery, does it really make sense for them to spend that kind of money again? American Indiana resident Robert Hamilton, who had already won a million in 2014, clearly didn’t think to stop trying. And just three months later, he was awarded another million dollars, and in the same lottery! It should be understood that the chance of such a big win is one in a few million, and to this lucky man luck smiled twice in a row.

    The Lena Paulsson incident

    It’s been more than fifteen years since a woman lost the ring she was married with. One day, she was digging in the vegetable garden, picking vegetables. Then something unexpected appeared in the greenery. Her lost wedding ring was wrapped around one of the carrots, like a finger.

    The David Gonzalez incident

    One day, our hero was busy renovating and redecorating his home. When he removed the wallpaper, he discovered a comic book magazine published in 1938 hidden in a wall and wrapped in newspaper. It turned out that it was in this edition that Superman appeared on the cover for the first time. Experts have estimated the rarity at $100,000! Maybe I should do some wallpapering too.

  • The unenviable fate of people who hit the lottery jackpot

    Life confirms that not in all cases, fallen on his head jackpot brings happiness, or at least change the fate for the better. Let us tell you about some of the most famous winnings, which turned out to be nothing but trouble for the winners.

    Vivian Nicholson’s story

    She won $30,000,000 in 1961. When reporters asked her what she would do with the money, she said: “I’m going to spend it. Spend it lots and lots of it. And she kept her word. She spent her winnings to buy luxury clothes, cars, jewellery… However, even such a spender, it took five years for her millions to disappear.

    She was widowed, had five husbands, nearly died of a stroke, became addicted to alcohol, was cured of alcoholism, attempted suicide twice, and even spent time in a mental hospital. Today she is a lonely pensioner, receiving a small pension of $300.

    William Post’s story

    Today, this man also receives a state allowance, although the lottery gods once gave him over $16 million. His misfortunes began when his wife sued him to get her share of the prize. Post also quarrelled with the rest of his relatives, then went into the car and restaurant business. The whole chain of events led William to bankruptcy.

    Ken Proxmire’s story

    An ordinary locksmith from Michigan became the owner of a million dollars after winning the lottery. In California, Ken and his brothers decided to try their luck in the car business. After five years, bankruptcy awaited them.
    His son Rick said, “Daddy was just a poor guy who had hit the jackpot one day and decided to help us all out. For a few years everything seemed to go fine, those were the fun days, but today our life is very ordinary. Nobody makes plans to buy a helicopter or a limousine anymore. My father had to go back to being a locksmith.

    Ken Proxmire's story

    Willy Hurt’s story

    Our next hero also lived in American Michigan. In 1989, his lottery winnings amounted to $3100000. After two years, he too was in ruin, compounded by a murder charge. According to his lawyer, Willie spent all the money on divorce proceedings and drugs.

    Janit Leigh’s story

    In 1993, a woman snapped up an eighteen million dollar jackpot. Janit had a big heart, and donated wholeheartedly to social and educational programmes – in short, to help the community. After eight years, she had to go through bankruptcy proceedings. She had no cash left at all, and only seven hundred dollars in her bank account.

    The story of the Mukhametzyanov family

    These spouses from Ufa are still the most discussed and famous lottery millionaires in Russia today. No surprise there. In 2001 this not the most well-to-do drinking family has won in “Bingo-show” exactly one million dollars. Translated into our wooden money, this amounted to 29814000 roubles. Nadezhda Mukhametzyanova used to work as a dryer at a machine-building association in Ufa, but she had been staying at home for several years. Her husband and two children lived with her. Neighbours said the couple often drank.

    When the couple received their winnings, their flat became a magnet for drunks and newly minted relatives. The lucky couple never turned anyone away, alcohol poured in torrents. Their two teenage sons, Alexei and Rustem, were infrequent visitors to the school, but they enjoyed spending their mum’s winnings. They took a crowd of fellow students to the stalls and slot machines.

    Somehow the ‘slumdog millionaires’ started thinking about investments after all and bought a couple of flats in the upmarket part of their hometown. They lost one of them almost immediately because of a fire. The Mukhametzyanovs also took two cars, but quickly had them wrecked. Five years later, which had passed since the jackpot hit, Nadezhda died. At that time, she was even poorer than before the ill-fated winnings.

  • What Gambling Roulette Tattoo Means

    Every tattoo means something. Roulette, which is often depicted alongside playing cards and other casino paraphernalia, is no exception. Before you put a tattoo like this on your skin, be sure to find out what the message is. It may be that this particular variant means something negative or is perceived negatively in some social circles. On the other hand, such a tattoo can add to your luck and you will be considered lucky.

    One of the most popular beliefs is that roulette was invented by Dominican monks. The idea was to play roulette in the monasteries in order to pass the boring evenings. Today, tattoos featuring gambling attributes most often signify a passion for these same games, a desire to take risks and seek adventure.

    Meanings of tattoos for the beautiful half of humanity

    Women do not often impose themselves such images. But there are exceptions. They strive to assert their individuality and desire to stand out from the gray masses.

    So, tattoo with a roulette in a woman can indicate the following:

    • She loves gambling. Such a tattoo can usually be seen on a lady who is a regular at gambling establishments. With such a picture, she wants fortune to be on her side.
    • She wants to become a luckier person. Gambling enthusiasts know that you can’t win big at a casino without luck. However, such a tattoo is chosen by ladies, hoping that fortune will help them not only at the gaming tables, but also in other areas of life.

    It also refers to a man who likes adventure. Girls who get it hinted that they do not mind taking chances.

    Often, women get such tattoos because they think they are beautiful. In this situation, there is no deeper meaning to the image. Such images look beautiful on any part of the skin.

    There is another implication of such an image on a girl’s body – atheism. It is no secret that all religions condemn and condemn gambling. Therefore, by such a tattoo, a man declares that he does not believe in God and has a negative attitude towards faith.

    Tattoo meanings for men

    Tattoo meanings for men

    Tattoo with a casino roulette prefer to do just men. In most cases, this pattern appears on their arm or shoulder.
    So, for guys, a casino wheel could mean the following things:

    • He’s a fan of gambling. A man who gets a tattoo of this kind is usually an avid gambler and a regular attendee at gambling houses. This is a characteristic he describes with the “devil’s wheel” design.
    • He is in need of luck. In this situation, too, tattoos are often made by gamblers. They wait for their luck just in the hope to snatch the jackpot in a gambling establishment. But the image is often tattooed by individuals who are not at all fond of cards and roulette, and hoping to become more fortunate in their work, relationships and so on.
    • It shows their rebellious tendencies. Here such a drawing indicates that the man is opposed to the rules and norms accepted in society. He has his own beliefs and is trying to defend them.
      Just like girls, guys often don’t put any meaning into such tattoos either. A man just happens to be attracted to a beautiful image in a tattoo parlor – so he orders it.

    So, we see that for both men and women, the roulette tattoo means pretty much the same thing. To look for any deep meaning in such a tattoo, it is necessary to analyze each particular drawing, as there are a huge number of variants. In the simplest case, roulette indicates that its bearer is a fan of cards and other gambling games. This should be kept in mind if you decide to put this pattern on your body. This is how you will be perceived by most of those around you – as a gambler.

  • Sport and Superstition, Rituals in Athletes

    There is often a very fine line between victory and defeat. It is not the athlete’s physical condition that is decisive, but his or her stress tolerance. An athlete can set themselves up psychologically with the help of simple rituals and belief in omens.

    Tennis players

    Tennis players have a special attitude towards rituals and omens. Apart from the individual rituals, which almost every successful and unsuccessful sportsman has, there are unwritten rules in tennis, which even the most self-confident “knights of the racket” would not dare to break.

    A superstitious tennis player will never step on a marker or take more than 2 balls to serve. Rumour has it that tennis players do not like to wear clothes and equipment with yellow in them. However, Masha Sharapova and Serena Williams have won major competitions without being afraid to dress in yellow shades.

    Hockey players

    The biggest superstition is probably in ice hockey. The simplest one is that if an important game is coming up, the athletes refuse to be photographed, and in the locker room they try to avoid idle chatter.

    Equipment, especially hockey sticks, become living beings for them. The player personally prepares them, wraps them up and has a heart-to-heart talk with them. And Wayne Gretzky, the greatest player in NHL history, even had the idea to use baby powder to maximize the effect. Looking at his results, it actually worked! Hockey players also bang their sticks on their goalie’s pads before the game, attracting the sports gods to their side.

    How about this tradition? When there is still a long way to go before the playoffs, some players stop shaving. Fans refer to this degree of unshavenness as a “playoff beard.”

    Another omen has been associated with a silver dollar embedded in the ice arena by the Canadian national team. Unfortunately, the omen could only be tested once, and the Canadians did win the Olympics. When it was their turn to dig out the coin next time, Alexander Ovechkin was entrusted to do it, and he took it away as a souvenir.



    Golfers believe in the magic of numbers. It is believed that balls with a number higher than four are bound to spoil the game. The competition also begins with a ritual: teams with odd numbers first appear on the tee. A wide range of traditions and rules have become entrenched in the etiquette of the game, with golfers introducing superstitions such as carrying a coin in their pocket or sneakers. It’s said to be good luck.


    Most superstitions here concern equipment. Every footballer will eventually get lucky with cleats, shin guards and so on. If a player gets a lot of goals in those boots, or plays successful matches, they will most likely become his lucky boot. He will cherish them and use them only in the most important moments. It is also interesting that different players choose a certain sequence in which they put on their shoes before training and games. This, too, is one of the rituals.

    Just like their colleagues in other sports, footballers cannot be forced to give interviews, make predictions or take photographs before an important match. And if they do get into the clutches of reporters, they usually make do with very limpid phrases.

    Basketball and volleyball players

    There are many similarities with football, for example, the equipment and shoes deserve special treatment. It’s not uncommon to see a big name basketball or volleyball player in the gym wearing worn shoes. However, there are differences. When getting ready for a match, an athlete tries to “warm up” the soles of his shoes, and only then goes to the arena.

    Another peculiarity: the basketball player who is the last to score in the warm-up should have a good game. Another interesting ritual: When making a free throw, basketball players always hit the ball on the floor. It’s good luck. And a volleyball player who serves has to get the ball from his team’s luckiest partner.