The luckiest people in the world
The luckiest people in the world

You can never be lucky all the time, but as you can see, some people seem to be led by a lucky star. Luckiest People in the World doesn’t last forever, but as you can see, some people seem to be led by a lucky star.

Orlando Bloom’s story

Bloom is not only a successful Hollywood actor, but he also manages to get away with it after severe injuries. He has fractured both legs, left arm, right wrist, and how many times the actor broke his ribs, he does not remember. Three times Orlando fixed a crack in the skull, once during a rugby match he broke his nose.

But that was nothing new. Once there was a fall from the roof, which ended with a broken back. You may ask: where’s the luck in that? The fact that today Bloom is healthy, appears in films and lives a full life, and in fact, could have long been confined to a wheelchair, or worse!

Roy Sullivan’s story

People are seldom struck by lightning, and to survive after such an accident, you have to be very lucky. Sullivan experienced the “wrath of the thunder god” as many as seven times in 35 years, but it didn’t kill him.

After each incident, Roy ended up in the hospital, slightly or seriously injured, but he continued to work as a forester in an American park, which was famous for just how many terrible thunderstorms. Lightning never killed the man, but unhappy love did – he committed suicide.

Rare baseball card story

The name of the family who discovered seven legendary Ty Cobb collector’s cards in their attic has remained unknown. No wonder these people chose to remain anonymous, as the sale of this find brought them just under a million quid.

One such relic from a century ago makes a man rich, and that’s seven of them, all perfectly preserved! Dig around in your attic (if you have one) and you might find something rare and incredibly valuable.

Rare baseball card story

Robert Hamilton’s Story

If someone has already won $1000000 in the lottery, does it really make sense for them to spend that kind of money again? American Indiana resident Robert Hamilton, who had already won a million in 2014, clearly didn’t think to stop trying. And just three months later, he was awarded another million dollars, and in the same lottery! It should be understood that the chance of such a big win is one in a few million, and to this lucky man luck smiled twice in a row.

The Lena Paulsson incident

It’s been more than fifteen years since a woman lost the ring she was married with. One day, she was digging in the vegetable garden, picking vegetables. Then something unexpected appeared in the greenery. Her lost wedding ring was wrapped around one of the carrots, like a finger.

The David Gonzalez incident

One day, our hero was busy renovating and redecorating his home. When he removed the wallpaper, he discovered a comic book magazine published in 1938 hidden in a wall and wrapped in newspaper. It turned out that it was in this edition that Superman appeared on the cover for the first time. Experts have estimated the rarity at $100,000! Maybe I should do some wallpapering too.