Guinness Book gambling records
Guinness Book gambling

Today, many people are fond of gambling, and for a certain proportion of people, they have become an integral part of their existence. There are various entertaining facts that ended up in the famous “Guinness Book of Records”. And it’s not just about the biggest cash winnings.

Days on end at the poker table

Let’s start with poker player Phil Laak. He didn’t leave the table for four whole days and nineteen hours and was even in the black. However, for such a famous poker pro as Laak, the amount of surplus was quite small – $6766. The entire winnings, as it often happens in such events, was given by the poker player to charity. Incidentally, the previous record holder was Paul Zimbler, who played for three days and eight hours in a row.

From one casino to another

How many casinos do you think you can play at in a 24-hour period? And we’re not talking about online casinos, we’re talking about real casinos. The Frofen family managed to hit 69 casinos in nineteen hours in Las Vegas, where they sat down at blackjack tables and played.
Of course, with very limited time, there’s not much you can do, so there was only one five-dollar bet per casino. Many will find this achievement bizarre, but no one has yet surpassed it. That’s why even today it remains firmly in the Guinness. World Records”.

A very old dealer

Дилерами в казино работает не только одна молодежь, как думают многие. К примеру, в лас-вегасском Dealers in casinos aren’t just youngsters alone, as many people think. For instance, at the Flamingo in Las Vegas, Joanna Dodd, a female bigwig, has managed to keep her job until she is 79.

Guinness Book gambling records

Here are more interesting records from the book:

  • The biggest lottery win was $390 million. However, two people hit the jackpot at once. The record has been held since 2007.
  • A British horse racing enthusiast once placed a £30,000,000 bet. Her favourite horse brought her the winnings of 153 million.
  • In 2007, the record was set, not by a man, but by the poker site PokerStars. It held a tournament in which as many as 151508 online poker players registered and played.
  • Poker player Bertrand was able to play at sixty tables at once. The record had to hold out for at least an hour and stay in the black for it to count.